Team Augmentation- Benefits!

Team Augmentation- Benefits

If you are the owner or manager of a company and you are looking for qualified programmers for your internal software team - you should consider Team Augmentation. It is a type of IT outsourcing in which specialists are hired for a given project to push the work forward and increase the effectiveness of the team.

It may be hiring external programmers for one task/project, but it does not have to end only with this - staff augmentation is also long-term cooperation.

So why the concerns about outsourcing programmers?

As a software development company with experience in the Polish and foreign markets, we notice a tendency towards different concerns of our potential clients when it comes to outsourcing. Where does this aversion come from? We've gathered the most common concerns in this article. We confront them and prove that they are completely unnecessary. When you finish reading this article, you'll find that IT outsourcing is a great solution for your business as well!

Is Team Augmentation  a good choice?

Team Augmentation is all about benefits!

Of course, as the owner of the business, it is your responsibility to keep things running smoothly. Therefore, it is understandable that you may have various fears and doubts about the solution that Team Augmentation is. We, however, hurry with explanations and reassure you - Team Augmentation has many benefits!

The most common concerns are...

Team Augmentation is a huge cost!

And we say - employing your internal employee, or, moreover, a whole team of internal programmers for the company is a huge cost - which WE TAKE ON OURSELVES!

We do not want to be groundless, so to convince you of the high costs involved in completing and maintaining a team within the company, we present specific numbers.

  • First thing first, preparation of the workplace.

It may seem trivial, but every programmer working in your company needs his own position with new hardware so that his work is fast and effective. When we say "position", we mean all the equipment - computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, desk, comfortable chair, etc. Additionally, it is also worth looking at the additional costs related to the maintenance of the entire office - the more programmers inside the company, the bigger the space needed.

If you choose to outsource programmers, you do not have to worry about ensuring working conditions in your office - programmers work remotely, from workplaces in our company, or their own home. We take care of the equipment costs. Desk, computer - it's all on our side!

The costs that you will save with equipping a workplace for one employee are about 2 600 USD!

  • Secondly, the recruitment process.

The recruitment process itself is associated not only with enormous costs, but also a lot of time devoted to it. To find the right employee, you need to post an advertisement on various portals, which already involves costs. Finding the right candidate is also a lot of time - you should have an interview and conduct preliminary tests to check his knowledge and skills. This is also followed by the costs of remuneration of all persons involved in the entire process and technical persons carrying out the recruitment itself - i.e. not only the HR department but also very often a programmer or several programmers who coordinate the recruitment tests. At the stage of hiring a suitable candidate, there are a lot of formalities, such as contracts, implementation, etc. It is also worth adding that there are a lot of candidates for the position of programmer - the IT market is bursting at the seams these days - but not all of them are your potential Coding Master. You will get a lot of Junior CVs, and even completely inexperienced people who try their luck wherever they find an opportunity. And this is associated with tedious work, where, unfortunately, you also have to sort out the potential champion from (of course ambitious!), but still less experienced candidates.

By using outsourcing services, you have the guarantee that we provide you with only proven and experienced programmers. If you need one developer or maybe a whole team - We will give you what you expect! If your project is complex and complicated, we provide our best specialists. If you are a client from abroad - we will provide programmers with very good English. If you are looking for a backend developer - we will choose a real magician! The entire recruitment process is shortened to a minimum - Your need is to expand the team, so you contact us and explain who you need and what exactly you care about, and we deliver our candidates as soon as possible - it is always a process no longer than two weeks.

The costs that you will save on the recruitment process of one employee are about 7 800 USD!

  • Thirdly, employee benefits.

Nowadays, every modern company wants to take the best care of its employee. All benefits are, besides the salary and development opportunities, one of the most attractive aspects that an employer can offer. A sports card is practically a standard, and many companies also offer other benefits, such as courses, training, providing additional equipment needed for work - companies outdo each other with ideas - free parking at the company, tennis court, table football, premium account on Spotify or some audiobook platform.

It is also a huge cost that you as an employer allocate to internal employees. When outsourcing programmers, these costs are also not on your mind - we will take care of the outsourced programmers so that they will not run out of anything :)

The costs that you will save on employee benefits of one employee are about 300 USD!

  • Fourthly, company events.

This can also be considered as sort of the company benefits, but it is a larger venture in terms of organization, so we take it into account as a separate point. An integration party can be huge - depending on the place and additional attractions - whether it is catering, DJ, event shows, and the number of invited people. All that is usually paid by the employer.

The costs that you will save on company events for one employee are about 780 USD!

  • Fifth - private medical care.

The health of your employees is very important - and expensive ;) That is why we also take it upon ourselves, providing outsourced programmers with the entire package of medical care.

The costs that you will save on private medical care for one employee are about 220 USD!

  • Sixth - paid leave.

When we are already on the topic of health - the well-being, physical and mental rest of your employees is extremely important as it increases efficiency and improves the atmosphere in work. Financially, these costs are comparable to the entire recruitment stage. And this is also what you save by choosing Team Augmentation services. We pay for the programmer's leave. You, as our customer, do not bear any costs.

The costs that you will save on paid leave for one employee are about 8 700 USD!

  • And last but not least- training budget.

If you want your team to develop and gain new competencies so that your company can move forward, it is worth investing in some courses for the employees. We believe that if an employee is hungry for new knowledge, it is worth providing him with it. So we provide all training for our developers - thus relieving you from additional costs.

The costs that you will save on the training budget for one employee are about 1 300 USD!

-The only thing you pay for is the competence of the entire company - and that is priceless!

To sum up, all costs which you will save, thanks to us, is 21 700 USD!

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It's too much paperwork!

We are immediately confronting with these fears - Team Augmentation is ZERO BUREAUCRACY.

As we mentioned above in one of the paragraphs - we have reduced the entire process to a minimum. You have a need right now - you immediately get a solution from us!

The saved time is the main difference between simply recruiting an internal team and Team Augmentation.

  1. You tell us about your needs - how many programmers and technical people do you need.

  2. After the initial phone/e-mail conversation, we send you blind CVs, information about the availability of developers, and their hourly rates.

  3. We sign the NDA if you need one.

  4. After determining which specific developers suit your needs, we arrange a meeting with a technical person from your team to clarify all the details related to the project.

  5. If the selected developer is available at this moment, he can start working on your project immediately.

It's just one signature for one simple contract!

The developer will be an outsider!

"An outsider" is a rather unfriendly term. It immediately associates with the word "intruder". But after all, an outsourced programmer is no intruder! Our developer is not a random stranger - he is our trusted employee and specialist in writing code.

The truth is that most people want to work remotely these days, and so far everything is going in that direction. The times of the pandemic have proved to us that employees feel comfortable in remote work conditions and this model is increasingly appearing in many companies around the world - also in Poland, it has gained enormous popularity.

The person who joins your team is simply a developer working remotely - but with the same commitment as others. He will be present at all meetings - both organizational and project. He will just be part of your team..

It's too much of a mess for my company!

We met with clients who were very convinced of the Team Augmentation solution - even too much. So much so that they started using it from many different companies. In one project there was a frontend developer from Company A and a backend from Company B, and when another FullStack Developer was needed, the company used the services of Team C’s augmentation. In fact, it may become an unnecessary mess. So when a client tells us that he doesn't want to take another developer from us, we say - TEAM Augmentation, as the name suggests - it's a TEAM. If one programmer is more harm than good for you - we have a solution for that!

You can give us the entire project for execution. We will provide you with the entire team - from the Project Manager through developers to Tester. We give you our guarantee that the project will be carried out efficiently and meticulously. In this way, you pass on the entire "mess" to us, and you can focus on other projects and the development of your business.

Team Augmentation is a necessary evil!

Unfortunately, some customers treat Team Augmentation as a necessary evil. First, they try to put together an internal software developers team, and only when it turns out to be too difficult, they decide on Team Augmentation, treating it as their last resort.

However, Team Augmentation is not a necessary evil or the worst possible option. It is a solution to many problems in the company so that your business can continue to develop.

By deciding on Team Augmentation services, you are choosing a responsible development team with whom you sign a contract. After signing in, you get access to appropriately qualified people. Our programmers have experience in many projects, and when you put your work in their hands, you receive a guarantee of the highest quality. Team Augmentation is also flexible - we adapt to your project and we implement developers who adjust to your schedule and work style.

Additionally, when the project comes to an end, you have no problem with what to do next with outsourced developers. You don't have to think about which project to delegate them to next. This problem solves itself.

Of course, if such cooperation has turned out to be beneficial for you, Team Augmentation also offers long-term cooperation. We don't have to part after one project! If this is the right solution for you, our programmers can be at your disposal for many months or even years!

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As you can see, there’s nothing to worry about!

All fears are usually caused by unawareness or simply concern for your own business. Will everything go well for sure? Will developers integrate with my team? Isn't it easier to hire your own employee?

We hope this article has cleared all your doubts about Team Augmentation services. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us HERE and we will quickly answer.

In conclusion, with Team Augmentation you not only save a lot of costs that you would spend on your internal team, but you also get a guarantee of quality and peace of mind - we will take care of your project, while you can focus on developing your business. We provide zero bureaucracy - only one signature for one simple contract.

Team Augmentation is also a solution for YOUR company! If you need reliable programmers - contact us today!

Marta Sarbak