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Outsourcing Software Development

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Outsourcing software development

When it comes to outsourcing itself, it is simply a business practice, thanks to which you can outsource activities that we do not want to do internally. One of our services is therefore the outsourcing of developers.

This service can take various forms. Very often, these types are divided in terms of how the relationship between the client, i.e. the rental company, and us, i.e. the company that offers outsourcing of developers, is to look like.


JavaScript can be used to build web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps and all kinds of software.
Node - open source cross-platform runtime for developing server-side applications written in JavaScript.
Postgress is a powerful and scalable system that can handle large amounts of data. It also has a very active community.
Redis is a store of in-memory data structures. It is used as a database, cache.
Vue is great for large and small projects. It perfectly combines the best features of its two competitors, React and Angular.
Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, and Airbnb trust React - it’s a great library. Let’s use it for a great cause!
SASS is a CSS preprocessor that allows you to create stylesheets faster and much more readable.

IT Team Expansion

The client is responsible for the project. The hired specialists only act as support for the main team.


Body leasing IT

In this case, the responsibility for the project is shared equally between the client and the outsourcing company. This requires the determination of the scope of activities performed.


Ordering the project

The outsourcing service provider takes more responsibility here. In this model, it is the company that independently starts the project and brings it to the final effect.

Hiring remote developers - when is it profitable to opt for this solution?
It is impossible to clearly indicate the situation when outsourcing the software development will be the best solution, because in some cases, developing your own team will be a better solution. However, we are aware that there are countless situations in which our service will prove to be downright salutary. If you are not sure if you need this type of help or how it works - contact us. We will answer each question comprehensively and clarify all incomprehensible concepts.
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What are the advantages of outsourcing developers?

It is impossible not to mention the numerous benefits that this solution brings. Some of them include:
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Internal teams, as with any other department - employees can change jobs, take a vacation or fall ill. By hiring developers, we, as a company providing the service, ensure that the continuity of work is maintained. Which is very important, especially in the case of the highest priority projects.

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It can be very difficult to find and then maintain a specialized employee who knows a specific technology very well. In the case of the developers rental we offer, the client has full access to professionals from almost every niche, and it is "at your fingertips".

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The development and expansion of your internal team is a real challenge. It requires a lot of planning and time from us, and at the same time carries the perspective of many costs. In the case of outsourcing, we have "meals" at hand in the form of additional processing capacity, if the need arises.

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During this type of task assignment with less experience, it is possible to use resources more efficiently for those where the efficiency is at the highest level. This is a perfect opportunity to fully optimize your time and budget management.