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Every hour our software developers work hard on mobile aplications, web aplications, software that makes life easier for thousands of people around the world.

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Jakub Jodłowski CEO & Funder

- Jakub Jodłowski

CEO & Founder

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Web App Development Services

Modern web development is based on modern UX and UI design as well as the work of Front-end and Back-end Developers. UX sets specific goals already in the idea phase, analyzes and tests the ready website or web application and tries to develop such an information architecture that gives the user satisfaction from using it.


JavaScript can be used to build web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps and all kinds of software.
Node - open source cross-platform runtime for developing server-side applications written in JavaScript.
Postgress is a powerful and scalable system that can handle large amounts of data. It also has a very active community.
Redis is a store of in-memory data structures. It is used as a database, cache.
Vue is great for large and small projects. It perfectly combines the best features of its two competitors, React and Angular.
Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, and Airbnb trust React - it’s a great library. Let’s use it for a great cause!
SASS is a CSS preprocessor that allows you to create stylesheets faster and much more readable.
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Mobile App Development Services

Mobile app developers are often difficult to access, which is related to the enormous popularity of mobile applications. We meet the expectations and provide development teams - who will create a tailor-made mobile application.


Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, and Airbnb trust React - it’s a great library. Let’s use it for a great cause!
Flutter is a new Google technology that allows you to create applications for devices with Android and iOS systems at the same time.
Swift is a general purpose programming language created by Apple in 2014. Simple to learn as it is useful in practice.
Each subsequent version of Kotlin brings with it some novelties that significantly improve software development.
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DevOps Services

The explosion in DevOps popularity is completely explainable. Cycles of shorter development, faster innovation, Reduce failure of implementation, reflections and time of recovery - we know how important it is for you to take care of great development with an operational approach.


Debian is a popular GNU / Linux distribution used on various devices.
GitLab is a repository manager based on the Git architecture that simplifies software development.
Google Cloud Platform is a multifunctional platform that allows you to create, test, and implement solutions using the Google infrastructure.
Amazon Web Services is the most popular cloud platform. It offers computing power, database hosting, and even more.
Azure is a cloud computing service. With Azure, you can build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services.
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Quality Assurance Services

We identify areas of heightened risk and vulnerabilities that exist in the tested device at an early stage in software development as part of testing. Creating only the code of a web or mobile application carries a certain responsibility towards business - providing a solution that has been successfully tested several times.


ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool.
JIRA is a highly flexible bug tracking and project management tool.
Cypress is a tool based on the Node.js platform used to automate functional tests.