OtoZłoto - Case Study

Creating an online platform for the investment gold & silver market

Poland's first gold and silver investment service available on the aftermarket

We developed an advanced online platform that makes it easy to compare bids and find the best prices for precious metals.

8 months
Team Size
UX/UI design

Project Timeline


Learning the user base, brand identity, and the core requirements of client's vision.

Research & Discovery

This phase involved interviewing subjects and conducting usability testing.

UX/UI Design

Leveraging tools such as Figma, wireframe, Style Guide, & UI Design principles.

Implementation & Testing

Developing the solution using top-notch technology while implementing core functionalities, reviewing code, troubleshooting, testing, and releasing the product.

Output, what the client gets.

Fulfilling the business goal

We achieved what we set out to do - which was creating an online platform that enables people to invest in precious gold and silver through any internet supported device.

Thousands of investments in metal auctions

By offering support such as gaining a clear view of expectations and goals, thorough research, and UX/UI design, OtoZłoto achieved thousands of investments in metal auctions.

First service of its kind on the Polish market

OtoZłoto has the first service of its kind on the gold and silver aftermarket in Poland.

Maintaining the leading market position with the website’s help

The app included capabilities such as price comparisons of precious metals, track price changes as well as retrieve prices globally from exchanges while compiling them into one easy-to-use marketplace.

How We Made It

Our team of experienced software developers worked diligently to create the mobile app, guided by the vision and essential functionalities provided by the client. We made sure that every aspect of the platform was secure and user-friendly.

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Product goals

Poland's first investment gold and silver service on the aftermarket

Custom software development

Project’s Objectives

Qarbon IT's goal in creating an online platform for OtoZłoto was to develop a user-friendly and efficient marketplace for the precious metals market, allowing users to compare prices of gold and silver from global exchanges quickly and accurately.

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One of the significant challenges our team encountered was integrating multiple data sources. The team had to ensure that data synchronization was handled correctly, leading to a lengthy automated testing process.

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Project realisation

Our role in meeting client needs

Our role in meeting client needs was to provide an experienced team to support and execute the idea and UX/UI design expertise. We also brought our knowledge of possible solutions to the table, which helped our client create a finished product that met their expectations.

Product features

Our customer's favorite features

Our customer's favorite features include the ability to compare offers from various sources side-by-side, monitor market trends in real-time, access up-to-date rates and current data about the precious metal markets, and set up personalized alerts for specific offers.

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