Shareplug - Case Study

Mobile app development for better EV adoption

Revolutionizing EV charging

Read the story of Shareplug's development, a mobile app that increases the number of public electric vehicle charging stations.

5 months
Team Size
Research & discovery
UX/UI design
React Native

Project Timeline


Learning the user base, brand identity, and the core requirements of client's vision.

Research & Discovery

This phase involved interviewing subjects and conducting usability testing.

UX/UI Design

Leveraging tools such as Figma, wireframe, Style Guide, & UI Design principles.

Implementation & Testing

Developing the solution using top-notch technology while implementing core functionalities, reviewing code, troubleshooting, testing, and releasing the product.

Output, what the client gets.

Authorized use of chargers from private owners

This initiative focuses on legally integrating private chargers into a broader network through a mobile app, enhancing EV infrastructure by making home and community chargers available for public use.

Expanding the network of chargers

The app aims to significantly increase the availability of charging stations by facilitating the inclusion of private chargers in public directories, particularly benefiting regions without current commercial interests.

Establishing personal guidelines for charger usage by others

Owners can set their own terms for sharing their chargers, supported by the app's features for remote control, status monitoring, and energy tracking, ensuring a managed and efficient sharing process.

Utilizing someone else's charger

Encourages EV users to adopt a community-minded approach by "borrowing" chargers from others, with transparent billing and usage rules, thus contributing to the expansion of the charging network.

About the project

The mobile application is available on both iOS and Android platforms and servers as a billing tool, aiming to boost the availability of public charging points for electric vehicles. It achieves this by commercializing private charging points found in homes, residential communities, and housing estates, increasing the overall number of accessible charging stations.

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Charge & Earn

Rent out your electric car charger to other drivers for a fee

SharePlug helps you reduce vehicle expenses and promote electric mobility

The challenge

From the viewpoint of our client, there existed a disconnect between private and public charging networks, along with a challenge in establishing payment rates for charging services. The principle is simple: the more available chargers, the more conducive the environment for drivers. LUB aims to enhance the driving experience by boosting the number of chargers. Additionally, there was an issue with monetizing, especially given the rising popularity of electric vehicles and their charging stations.

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Designed for electric car users

Tailored for electric vehicle owners, our app was developed with user-centric considerations in mind, addressing issues like the scarcity of charging stations on travel routes, the elevated cost of charging equipment, and the concentration of charging facilities in well-known urban locations.

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Key features

Adding chargers

Offer your charger to others, customize its settings, and assign a PIN code as needed.

Key features

Calendar settings

Specify the availability hours for your charger for other users.

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