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A mobile stock trading app development

Stock trading with better investment experience

This project is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so we're presenting the case study without disclosing the client's name.

January 2022 - June 2023
Team Size
2 - 4
Staff augmentation
Mobile application development
React Native

Project Timeline

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Output, what the client gets.

User-friendly investment app

We supported the development of a user-friendly mobile app that empowers investors with real-time data and commission-free trading.

Data integration

We seamlessly integrated data from multiple sources, ensuring users have access to the most up-to-date market information.

App launch & user growth

The app boasts over 100,000 downloads, positive user reviews, and regulatory approval in the UAE.

Java expertise

The client’s development team gained immediate support from our Java developers, accelerating the app's launch.

About the project

Mobile stock trading app with zero commission to enable better next-generation investment experience for investors in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. The app was intended to encourage users to become confident investors by providing educational content, the latest market news and in-depth stock analysis. Access to thousands of stocks creates the freedom to explore new investment opportunities.

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In Client’s words

“Qarbon IT had a very fast response time. They showed up perfectly when we were looking for a solution to the problem and offered the best one.”

CTO & Co-Founder


When Covid-19 struck, our Middle Eastern visionary start-up client saw an urgent requirement that could not be overlooked. The increased severity of events happening in different parts of the globe drew attention to the significance of economic and monetary steadiness a lot nearer, mainly for the maturing and burgeoning generation of this zone. Our client identified that there was a gap in the market and came up with a tool that would empower users to invest. To satisfy this need, a decision was made by them to create an app that could do just that. During the growth of the project, it became clear that extra help was needed as well as some more advanced developers. And it is at this point that Qarbon IT stepped in to offer its assistance. We teamed up with our client and supplied them with a group of proficient JAVA developers who infused the necessary knowledge and help needed to move the project ahead. This partnership led to the effective creation of the investment application, thereby enabling individuals to be more confident in their ability to understand the financial world.

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Major functionalities

At this moment, our Client’s application has been developed and released with huge success. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store with great reviews and 100K+ downloads. The zero-commission investment platform is completely safe - it has secured regulatory approval from the Dubai Financial Services Authority to operate in the UAE. With the support from Qarbon IT, our Client managed to improve the app, make new features and streamline project work. 

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Key features

Bridging the gap for Arab investors

Recognizing a lack of Arabic-friendly investment tools, this fintech innovator developed a user-centric platform. This platform supports Arabic-language, and localized content. The focus on user needs has brought success to the Arab investment world for Client through establishing trust and confidence.

Key features

Building trust

The Client believes that it is very important to establish trust among Arabic investors from Arab Countries. It combines different factors like guidelines from Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), collaboration with a stock exchange registered in the SEC, DriveWealth and customer data which is ensured its security through multi-factor authentication and supported by strong system of confidentiality.

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