InPost - Case Study

Plugin development for logistics company

InPost WIX plugin: ShipX API integration for instant shipping and payment

Experience how we streamlined and optimized InPost's e-commerce operations through the integration of the ShipX API into their existing Wix platform, elevating efficiency and user experience.

September 2023 - January 2024
Team Size
Creation and integration of a WIX plugin for InPost
ShipX API Integration
Integration of payment processes
Performance optimization
UX/UI interface design

Project Timeline

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Output, what the client gets.

WIX & ShipX API integration

Real-time synchronization mechanism between Wix plugin and ShipX API.

User-friendly seller interface updates

User-friendly, configurable, and updatable interface for the sellers on the WIX platform.

Integrated shipment and payment workflow

Integrated and seamless order fulfillment and payment processing experience within the shipment workflow.

A plug-in developed from scratch

Developing the WIX plug-in for InPost from scratch on robust and modern technologies guarantees the highest stability and performance.

About the project

The project involved creating a WIX plugin for InPost from scratch, integrating the ShipX API interface, aimed at streamlining the shipping process and improving buyer experience. The updated plugin includes key features such as real-time synchronization, efficient shipping and payment processes, as well as a user-friendly interface tailored to the specific requirements of e-commerce operations.

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InPost WIX plugin

Elevating InPost's operations with real-time WIX & ShipX API synchronization for seamless shipping and payments.

Tailored interface and integrated workflows.

The client’s needs

The client required an efficient real-time synchronization mechanism for the newly created WIX plugin for InPost integrated with the ShipX API interface. The goal was to design a user-friendly interface, easy to configure and update. The interface was intended to facilitate integrated shipping and payment processes within the shipment workflow.

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Our role in the project

As the chosen technological partner, we have successfully executed a comprehensive project encompassing the creation of a WIX plugin for InPost from scratch, integration of the ShipX API interface, as well as thorough testing, performance optimization, ongoing support, and significant updates.

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Key features

Real-time synchronization

Developed a real-time synchronization mechanism between the Wix plugin and ShipX API, ensuring timely and accurate data exchange.

Key features

Integrated shipment and payment workflow

Seamlessly integrated order fulfillment and payment process within the shipment workflow, aiding in efficient order processing and checkout.

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