Elvia - Case Study

Revolutionizing music event management with our state-of-the-art mobile app

Connecting artists & venues has never been this easy

Qarbon IT created an advanced mobile application that connects artists with venues and confirms gigs.

8 months
Team Size
Product Design
React Native

Project Timeline


Learning the user base, brand identity, and the core requirements of client's vision.

Research & Discovery

This phase involved interviewing subjects and conducting usability testing.

UX/UI Design

Leveraging tools such as Figma, wireframe, Style Guide, & UI Design principles.

Implementation & Testing

Developing the solution using top-notch technology while implementing core functionalities, reviewing code, troubleshooting, testing, and releasing the product.

Output, what the client gets.

A brand new application

Qarbon IT created a customized mobile application for Elvia that facilitates the connection between artists and venues, allowing seamless gig scheduling and confirmation. The app offers an intuitive user experience while providing all the necessary functions for a revolutionary way to manage music events.

End-to-end development support

Qarbon IT provided exceptional development support for Elvia's music event management mobile application. We conducted extensive research to ensure the proper solutions were implemented and worked closely with our clients on design to provide a customized product that would fulfill their event management needs.

Gaining new & satisfied users

Qarbon IT's music event management app has seen an overwhelmingly positive response from users, with more than 50 satisfied people giving it a 5-star rating. The app is quickly gaining popularity in the marketplace, with many artists and venues eager to collaborate.

Gig-booking revolution

Qarbon IT has transformed the way artists and venues connect for gig bookings. Elvia provides a secure and efficient method to quickly facilitate communication between the two parties and book gigs.

How we made it

We developed Elvia from the ground up using a collaborative approach to software development. Our team of experts worked closely with the Cyprus-based event-management company to ensure that their vision for a modern application to revolutionize the music event booking market was fulfilled.

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Major benefits

The app has 100 venues on board.

A flow of 200 artists sending requests

Project’s objectives

Elvia's mobile event management application provided exceptional value to both artists and venues. For artists, the application enabled search capabilities to find potential venues and a platform to reach out and book their chosen location. For venues, the app allowed them to connect with different artists, review artists'artists' proposals, and decide whether or not they would accept the proposed events.

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App development focused on our audience's needs

Qarbon IT took the time to get to know Elvia's audience in order to create an app that met all of their needs. In doing so, our team could define the criteria for a successful mobile application through careful research and analysis. By focusing on our audience's distinct needs, Qarbon IT was able to provide Elvia with an app that offered a unique user experience for attendees of music events.

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Product features

Built for artists…

Elvia's music event management mobile application is designed specifically with artists in mind. With the app, users can easily search for venues they have yet to hear of and apply to play at them instantly. Moreover, artists can get notifications immediately following their performance.

Product features

…and for venues

Elvia allows venues to easily manage their events by giving them access to artist profiles, reviews, proposals, and the flexibility to accept or reject bookings or re-schedule performances. Once an event is completed, venues can review the artists' performance and invite them back to perform in the future.

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