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Remote management and monitoring of heat pumps

Remote management and monitoring system for the manufacturing industry

Take a look at how we created a system that makes it easy for Igloo clients to monitor and operate them entirely remotely.

Team Size
Product Design
Material UI

Project Timeline


Learning the user base, brand identity, and the core requirements of client's vision.

Research & Discovery

This phase involved interviewing subjects and conducting usability testing.

UX/UI Design

Leveraging tools such as Figma, wireframe, Style Guide, & UI Design principles.

Implementation & Testing

Developing the solution using top-notch technology while implementing core functionalities, reviewing code, troubleshooting, testing, and releasing the product.

Output, what the client gets.

Dedicated system

A system dedicated to Igloo heat pump distributors helps them select the right heat pump for the end user.

User-friendly interface

The system is user-friendly and provides all the necessary information about each product when it comes to monitoring.

Smart management

The smart system suggests which part of the pomp needs to be fixed or if the time for the next inspection is needed.


The system can be monitored live fully remotely, making it easy for heat pump service technicians, who get notifications of service to be performed.

How We Made It

Our experienced team was working on the project, consisting of two backend developers, one frontend developer, a quality assurance engineer, UX/UI designer, and a project manager. The system is running on React on the front-end and Java on the back-end. We selected Azure as the cloud provider, for seamless integration and the highest project security.

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Major benefits

Monitoring of heat pumps in real-time

Documents and component lists in one place


Choosing the right heat pump is quite a challenge, and a case of high importance, so the system has to make it as easy as possible. We had to consider safety, but also reliable integration. Each heat pump must connect smoothly to the system and be able to monitor it live in real time constantly. Users must be able to view requests from customers, information about the devices and their specifications, as well as access a reliable calculator to help select the right heat pump.

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Major functionalities

This innovative system is dedicated and designed for Igloo clients interested in heat pumps: Distributors, Servicemen, and Installers, to cater to their needs. It helps them effortlessly choose the proper heat pump for the end-user, install or repair it, and even monitor it in real-time, fully remote. With those features, it makes the entire process a breeze.

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Product features

High precision calculator

With a reliable calculator, dealers can easily select the right heat pump for their customers.

Product features

Building audits

This feature enables us to precisely calculate the heating power requirements of the targeted building so that we can select the right heat pump.

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