Beet - Case Study

Mobile app for healthier living

All-in-one wellness app

Take a look at the ultimate wellness companion - a mobile app that allows you to easily track your workouts, meals, sleep, and overall progress towards living a healthier life.

June 2023 - November 2023
Team Size
Project management
Mobile application development
Quality Assurance

Project Timeline


Learning the user base, brand identity, and the core requirements of client's vision.

Research & Discovery

This phase involved interviewing subjects and conducting usability testing.

UX/UI Design

Leveraging tools such as Figma, wireframe, Style Guide, & UI Design principles.

Implementation & Testing

Developing the solution using top-notch technology while implementing core functionalities, reviewing code, troubleshooting, testing, and releasing the product.

Output, what the client gets.

Tailor-made solution for user’s needs and goals

Well-crafted, innovative application built from scratch to meet their specific needs and goals.

Inclusive design for a healthier lifestyle

Designed not only for gym enthusiasts but also for individuals with poor health and disabilities, making healthy living achievable for a wider audience.

Enhanced user engagement

The Beet app boosts user engagement by tailoring diet plans, offering a personalized workout library, and providing educational resources. This personalized approach encourages active participation, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.

Admin control panel

We designed and developed a custom admin control panel, empowering efficient app management and data oversight.

About the project

Beet is a comprehensive tool designed to help individuals with poor health or disabilities transition to a healthier lifestyle. The app features a personalized questionnaire, a diet tailored to your needs, a customized workout library, and healthy living articles. It's not just for gym-goers but anyone keen on improving their health through proper diet and exercise. Ultimately, it aims to make healthy living accessible and achievable for everyone.

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Your accessible health hub

Health library with articles, videos, and more.

Learn, thrive, and transform with Beet app

The client’s needs

The client we were assisting had a unique set of needs for their new health and wellness app, Beet. Their primary goal was to create a personalized journey to health for those with disabilities or poor health while seamlessly integrating with wearable devices such as smartwatches. To achieve this, the app needed robust features such as a customized workout library, comprehensive tracking of both workouts and meals and educational resources on healthy living. This new app was specifically designed for Kuwait and sought to make healthy living easily achievable and accessible for all.

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Our role in the project

Our role in the project included project management, web app development, backend and frontend development, as well as quality assurance. We coordinated all aspects of the development process, built the Beet app, ensured a seamless user experience, developed a robust backend infrastructure, created an intuitive user interface, and rigorously tested the app for excellence. Our contribution was crucial in bringing the Beet app to life as a valuable tool for individuals in Kuwait.

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Key features

Custom diet

After completing the questionnaire, the user is assigned to a specific dietary category, for example vegetarian. In the app, the user will find a curated selection of 2-3 meal options for breakfast, lunch, and other meals, based on their dietary preferences.

Key features

Personalized workout library

Access a vast collection of tailored workout routines based on your fitness level, goals, and preferences.

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