Rust is the future of Server Side

Rust is the future of Server Side

If I was to decide today which programming language should I choose to learn it would be Rust, the second option would be Deno (which only now is starting to grow). Rust in short – amazing efficiency, stability, many interesting ready-mades, support for multithreading, static typing. Language syntax looks quite odd and reminds that of C, but it is quite a monster. Great framework test here.


Sifrr(click here) is an interesting tool, based on uWebSockets. It is a real demon of speed. Mostly because in node we only have a wrapper to JS. All commands are thrown into C, uSocket library is great and soon may become a standard of all libraries.

Why is worth investing in those inventions? Because they are made by people, who really know their stuff and provide a basic tool that can be given needed functionalities, avoiding anything unnecessary. I would compare this to building an F1 car – we choose a chassis frame as a basis for it instead of an excavator with a caravan. Libraries like SocketIO or ClusterWS have a multitude of build-in tools, so u can quickly code but efficiently and server sweat like Artur Szpilka in the second round.

And this is completely personal, but ready-mades suck (with few exceptions).

Wojciech Kałążny