IT outsourcing – what is it?

IT outsourcing- what is it?

Outsourcing by definition means using outside sources. It is simply making dedicated software, most of the time through remotely working programmers. This kind of companies, in Poland, are called software house. Those firms create both mobile and web apps as well as dedicated software, which quickens the development of a company. Are you interested?

Where did the outsourcing come from?

Outsourcing, though a new practice, lately a very popular one, its definition comes from as early as the 80s. It is explained as giving certain tasks, projects, or even services and whole branches to outside companies.

Outsourcing is practiced in more and more industries every day, but mostly it can be seen in IT.

What is outsourcing IT? Short explanation!

Outsourcing IT is simply, giving and outside company tasks related to IT overall, or branches like programming. IT outsourcing stands out in its different areas and ranges of using outside company services. Need to build a team of programmers that will help you create a mobile application? Outsourcing is just for you!

IT support can include both taking care of certain projects, tasks, or even a whole sector. As technological progress advances, most companies at least to some degree base their work on computerization. Buoyant, well thought out, and correctly led IT actions that provide success are mostly made by specialists, who have needed qualifications.

That is exactly what investing in an outside firm, located in a near or same time zone, is and we call it nearshoring.

Pros of IT outsourcing? There is plenty!

IT outsourcing is a solution characterized by complete control over its tasks so it can be adjusted to the needs and expectations of a client. It can contain both making a website, web app, mobile application as well as operating IT processes in a company.

The degree of amount and range of outsourcing is completely dependent on clients' expectations. An important role in IT outsourcing takes finance. The company only has to cover the cost of a service, without investing in additional posts for programmers, their education, IT equipment, software, and whole IT infrastructure needed for the IT branch to function properly.

IT care from an outside company also solves a lot of problems that having inside staff encompasses like recruitment and employment issues. An important part of the functionality of every company is not only saving on expenses but also on time.

Creating a whole IT branch from scratch, apart from extensive financial costs, is a time-consuming process.

Dedicated programmers, which are ready to work at any moment.

A decision about outsourcing allows to immediately get a professional team, made of specialists, who already have needed hardware and software. IT outsourcing unburdens a company from having to build a team, which otherwise often has nothing to do with other departments and sectors of an organization.

Despite constant striving for perfection, no system, software, or application is ideal. Malfunctions can surprise us in every field, IT is no different. A specialized staff of programmers or software architects is able to immediately solve a given problem – using not only its priceless knowledge but also specialized software. This leads us to another advantage of testing software. Get acquainted with our article: “how programmers to test.”

Works great! Not works somehow! Choose newest technology.

IT companies have the newest hardware and software. When those are wanted in other industries it can be very costly, which should be avoided especially by new developing firms; while outsourcing all that is included in a service.

Even the most advanced and modern IT infrastructure depends on the staff operating it. While making dedicated software for your company you should choose programmers reliable in their profession. It is a standard in the IT industry to providing different courses, training camps to constantly not only raise qualifications but also keep up with the changes in a dynamic IT sector.

Delegating a part of your company to another firm guarantees access to this knowledge and skills used in customer service.

Why is it worth outsourcing IT?

Moving responsibility of a project or a whole department is not only convenient and saves money but also creates the possibility of focusing on main organization goals. Not having to focus on something crucial, but not necessarily connected to the area company operates in, allows to raise the effectiveness of other sectors.

Allowing professionals, whose services are completely fitted to the needs of a company, allows for not only flexibility and simplicity of introducing changes of conducted activities but also complete security and guarantee to finish the project, monitoring of it, creating an app of software, also complex IT services.

Another definition of IT outsourcing is making dedicated software for a company. It is an answer to the needs, of every company, when even a small part of it operates on IT systems. High diversity of offered services and flexibility to match its services, chosen to individual requirements made by a firm is a perfect solution both for small, developing businesses as well as much bigger developed ones.

The decision to outsource a competent, trusted firm is a guarantee for saved time, money, and the ability to focus on the company's goals in its main sectors.

Oskar Pawlicki