How to make a mobile app?

How to make a mobile app?

When making an application whether web or mobile we stand before a choice that is not so obvious – who will make it for us?

Who to choose for making a mobile app?

We have a few options: we can do it ourselves, if we have needed skills, we can search for a freelancer who will do it for us, we can hire a team of programmers or look for help through a software house. In today's article, I would like to present which option is best in my opinion, and although I’m a co-owner of a software house I will do my best to stay unbiased while exploring this matter.

What to pay attention to while looking for a company making mobile apps?

Everything depends on a few factors: the type of app that is to be made, the budget, and a deadline. If it is a simple application and we are in no need to rush, a cheap choice would be to order it from a friend who is a programmer. If we have such a specialist, who can make this kind of project it would be a great option. The question is if he can provide great quality both in the front end and back end. From experience, I can tell it is hardly ever true. Making an application is a complex process that requires a multitude of factors to consider.

Is a software house a perfect solution?

Software house or any other company that provides programmers will do it at a higher cost, but much quicker. It is so because of a simple fact, a company that realizes IT projects, has assets both human and ready solutions, thanks to which making a simple website can be done almost instantly. Experience, tens of already made mobile apps, which achieved success and are already making hundreds of thousands PLN, these are upsides that a freelancer won’t have.

Freelancer specializing in making mobile apps?

There is another risk while working with a freelancer! Such person surely has a lot on their plate, quite a few or more, small and bigger projects. The attention of such a person is divided a lot and because of its errors and mistakes can be made. Honestly, such a solution is not worth the risk, you will not be saving much, while stress and wasted time can be an enormous loss.

What if I want to create something else than an application?

When it comes to bigger projects, that have an extensive functionality of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) type, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), systems for managing a company, applications of all kinds, and so on we are left with three options. Software house, outsourcing, or hiring a programmer on your own. What is best is for you to decide, I will simply present the pros and cons of those solutions.

How to find good programmers? Why is it hard?

Finding a programmer, who can actually provide us with good results, is not a simple task in current times. The market is saturated with people that changed their industries and are just starting in IT or juniors that are still studying or just got a degree, but lack experience; these are not the ones you should hire for doing your project, rather they can be a support for more experienced programmers.

Programmers with experience (mid, senior) on the other hand are already working at some company and it would be hard to get them interested in a project that will come to an end and leave them without a job. We can assume such a person will only join to work on our project after their hours of work and on weekends, but not many people have time to wait until the project shows up on the market.

What is the deadline for your mobile app? Few words about time.

Another issue that you will have to deal with, when trying to create your own team or while ordering this task to a Software House, is punctuality. IT projects are hard to estimate for programmers who you will hire, they will need a Project Manager but even with that, it will not guarantee that they will meet the deadline. Team of people, who never worked together before has no information about capabilities of its members, hence delays will occur and probably not small ones. On the other hand, a company that realizes IT projects professionally has the experience, assets, and knowledge necessary to meet the deadlines. Unfortunately, delays still happen but are much rarer. Above all the company is bound to contract agreements, which include penalties that can reach even 50% of the value of the whole contract. Because of that, the motivation to meet the deadline is much bigger.

How much does it cost to create a mobile app?

When it comes to the price while hiring a programmer, it should be cheaper, but that is not necessarily true, deadlines that are delayed over and over can swallow any budget, and programmers do not earn small amounts of money. It is easy to put in a lot of money and end up with unfinished, not working applications full of bugs. So, answering the question – it depends. Obviously, there are mobile apps that require massive amounts of functionalities, but also those which are small, simple applications supposed to fulfill only basic functions. It all depends on your preference and requirements. It is possible to make an application with as little as 70 thousand PLN or as much as half a million.

Pros of making a mobile app!

I almost forgot about the pros. Now that I am thinking about it, there are plenty of them. Huge control over a project, flexibility in how to realize the task, cost reduction, technological partnership, which focuses on benefits of both sides. Considering that, if you do want to make a mobile app that will be focused on a specific problem for its users, or will simply be a help to your business – do not think about it any longer and contact us. Having your own application is a huge advantage for your users and clients and another way to have bigger profits for your company.

Hire programmers, who will make the mobile app of your dreams!

I wanted it to be objective, and it is for you to decide if it was. Choosing a Software House, though the most expensive solution, is the one that will cost you less stress, one that will make your project on time, and in the end, you might actually save some money. If you still insist on hiring programmers, or you represent a company, which wants to realize IT projects, I would recommend outsourcing.

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