How to find good programmers?

how to find good pogrammers?

Successful development of a business is nearly impossible without proper technology. If used correctly, it will allow us to implement innovations into the company and build a competitive advantage. However, to use its potential fully, it is necessary to have qualified and experienced people who understand the needs of the industry and are able to use their knowledge in practice.

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There are plenty of ways of finding good programmers, however, the task itself isn’t simple and you can easily make mistakes. 9 out of 10 recruiters admit that finding suitable programmers is a challenging task.

Programmers are very much wanted in the job market – it is estimated that currently there are over 750 thousand vacancies in this field in Europe. Taking this into consideration, we’ve prepared a practical guide which will allow you to find good programmers every time.

Top 5 ways to find good programmers

Ask for recommendations

You may ask anyone – your employees, business partners, your network of friends, or other people you cooperate with. Outsourcing may also be a great solution, but it’s logical to ask your friends for their opinions first!

In order to gather valuable recommendations, it’s best to ask people who have experience in looking for work with programmers. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that it is a way to have direct contact with your potential workers. What is more, people who are recommended to you have probably done a good job in the past, which lowers the risk of disappointment connected with hiring an inexperienced specialist.

Check online

On the Internet, there are plenty of websites that gather offers from programming companies. Apart from recommendations, checking them may be one of the easiest ways of finding proper developers. Websites like allow you to look through a variety of potential business partners and check their offers.

Furthermore, portals like that include a lot of useful information, such as the field of specialization, types of service, examples of previous work, and references from former customers. Thanks to that we’ll be able to choose objectively and thoroughly.

5 proven ways to find good developers

Industry events and meetings

Similar to other industries, programmers are eager to take part in various events and meetings. These usually have a set topic, which makes it easier to find people who work in the field that interests us and works close to us.

Taking part in such events will not only allow us to find good programmers but also to broaden our network by meeting interesting people and companies. It also gives us access to niche knowledge and experience of the speakers who are eager to share the lessons they’ve learned dealing with various challenges.

Use the help of a consultant

If you don’t have the time or the matters to look for good programmers by yourself, you may want to use the services of an outside expert. There are plenty of excellent consultants on the market and finding the one for you shouldn’t be a problem.

Those types of experts have already helped various clients and dealt with different problems. They also have a huge network of acquaintances and expert knowledge concerning the best ways of selecting potential partners, negotiating the pay, methods of contact, and cooperation. They know exactly what to take into consideration and what mistakes may be made in the process. It’s worth using their experience!

Use the Internet

If you didn’t like all the mentioned ideas for some reason, you may also take matters into your own hands and find good programmers online. It may be time-consuming, but you’ll definitely learn a lot about the type of service you’re looking for.

Pay attention to factors like location, experience, or a particular technological specialization. Make sure to read the “About us” tabs and check if the culture of work and communication is something you and the company have in common. Look for reliable opinions and don’t be afraid to.

How to verify a potential partner?

After you manage to find a couple of programming companies, you’d like to work with, you should still verify if they’re the right choice. Make sure to ask a lot of questions about the industry and former experience with similar projects or with companies like yours.

Pay close attention to the case study of your potential partner and try to verify it in direct contact with the company. Look for companies that look authentic and transparent. After you choose the right business partner, it is wise to start with smaller projects that move towards bigger challenges using small steps. That way, it’s easier to manage the risk.

How to find  good programmers?

The best ways to find good programmers

Even though it is fairly difficult to find the right partners in the IT industry, it’s not impossible. Using the methods like listening to recommendations, using special platforms, going to business events, working with an expert, and looking for them on our own, it’s possible to find specialists who will help you to develop your company. With such a spectrum of possibilities, there has to be a way suitable to your needs.

After you choose the company, make sure to verify them. Remember that if they do a good job, it’s good to give them proper references.

Oskar Pawlicki