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Company description

An Internet services provider employing around 180 consultants in branches located in major Polish cities. The dynamic development of the customer’s operations results in new needs arising every month in the area of cooperation, which in practice requires large flexibility in project management.

Client needs

For PPC we’ve created comprehensive IT solutions. From a sophisticated CRM system, to tools used in internal communication, all the way to a mobile app. The system we’ve created follows data from the company’s 11 offices located all over our country on an ongoing basis – aggregating information in real mode and displaying the statistics to the company’s management team. It allows for better management over the company and continuous monitoring of sales and other key indicators for dynamic development.


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Work hours a month
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Lines of code
Remote company management
The mobile app was made in response to the needs of the chairman of PPC who, due to his position, often moves around between the company’s branches and in this way he can check what’s going on in the company at any time.
Live company results
Statistics make one of the key application modules. A challenge here was calculating all the figures in real time, as in order to achieve the desired results, the app has to communicate with numerous external services.
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