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Want to see a unicorn?

At Qarbon IT, we focus on greenfield projects. We love the freshness and we don’t like to make a salad out of old lettuce - that's why you will not meet old maintenance projects (our oldest project is 2.5 years old). You have certainly met the slogan "dynamic company" for the hundredth time and it does not impress you anymore. However, our company is not dynamic, but work that requires a lot of flexibility, technology rotation, but also gives a lot of satisfaction and does not let you get bored. When it comes to the company's culture, we focus on a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If programmers with the ability to work remotely prefer to come to the office to work among their team, in fact - there has to be something to it! We are focused on Feedback 360 - you get the rating from those who actually work with you. We prefer SMART goals - we help you in setting and implementing specific, measurable, relevant and, above all, achievable goals. And of course, we don't leave you alone! There is a Project Manager, Mentors, and CTO & HOSE at your disposal.

We offer two rises a year + promotions, and 20 days of paid leave for Regulars and Seniors, and 10 days for Juniors.

We are looking for people to join our team who want to be part of a developing company, for whom integration with the team is an equally important part of work. If you need one more thing that will convince you to join our team, we can tell you a secret - we have a real Unicorn (and he speaks with a human voice)! Legend has it that it appears to employees with more than 3 months of experience. Find out for yourself!

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