7 Reachable Advices To Hire Software Developers For Your Startup

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Do you feel it's time to start creating software or to expand your software development department? It's always a good decision as developing software is a long-term investment.

Why is it so hard to find a great software developer for your startup today

Depending on the business model you have undertaken in your startup, the costs are probably of key importance to you. When it comes to software development of all kinds, regardless of the model of cooperation with a developer or software house - it is worth cooperating only with a small group of specialists.

There is a reason this market is hyper-competitive, there are plenty of developers today, many courses have been created, thanks to which many people have changed their way. Additionally, there are many IT outsourcing companies for many years. This is as great news as it is quite difficult for someone who wants to find a really super experienced developer.

  1. The first thing to do to validate whether a given developer really knows what's going on is to ask him if he has experience in creating software for startups similar to yours. The model of cooperation with startups is very different from working in a large corporation.

  2. Validation of technical skills using test tasks - this is the complete basis, it is usually the first step to find a really amazing developer.

  3. Technical competencies and hard skills are not everything today. The 90s are irretrievably gone and with them the classic, nerdy image of a software developer with broken glasses. Today, what matters in business is soft skills that allow you to enter into relationships, gain a deep understanding of the problem and ultimately create an even more precise and tailored solution.

Trust your intuition, it's a partnership!

There are dozens of places on the web where you can find your future affordable software engineers. In the beginning, you are remote information that you read on the site and learn from other forums, social media. So you are completely dependent on information that is very difficult to validate! Intuition will certainly help you here.

If you feel that uncertainty during the first conversations with a business development manager, CTO, or anyone who suggests to you some developer, it is worth trusting yourself.

It is very easy to enter into cooperation that turns out to be unsuccessful and you will regret your startup money and time. And as you know, it is difficult to get decent funding - every penny counts.

1. Software developer and startup? Let them grow up together!

The ideal scenario is one in which you do not have to look for software developers and have them by your side at the start of the startup. When you create a business together, you match the first MVP, proof of concept sketches, you have a great relationship, a deep understanding of the service/product.

This is extremely valuable, because when you have at least one developer, he will be your future, trusted CTO who will simply take responsibility for hiring more developers and technical people.

See what your competitors are doing, check their developers. Seriously!

A decent analysis of startups that are at a similar stage of development to yours is a real source of learning and valuable thoughts. Maybe instead of looking for the cheapest option and employing one freelancer, it is worth entering into a partnership with a software house that provides remote software developers and is flexible in these activities?

Perhaps you have not thought about this solution earlier and thanks to the analysis of other companies' activities - you are able to come up with completely new ideas.

2. Where are you, where are you going, what do you want to develop?

You are still thinking about building a mobile application, but perhaps a much more sensible solution is to build a web application that will be equally convenient to use and you will reach more people?

Perhaps you do not need a senior developer, and two developers are more than enough (one medium experienced and the other junior)?

Do you want to save on building software at the beginning and risk the entire project, or do you prefer to choose a proven custom software development company thanks to which you will save a lot of time?

Lots of questions, lots of doubts, and stress. It's completely normal when running a startup. And when you additionally operate in an extremely competitive market, every step you take is extremely important. Therefore, it is worth taking a small step forward, talking to professionals, very experienced senior developers and just finding a way out of a situation that is not so obvious.

Ask yourself a lot of questions, maybe in return to the title of this blog post you do not need a local/in-house developer but a flexible technology partner? (you will be surprised how small the difference in the monthly price is!)

3. Build a startup culture that developers will love

The thing about company culture is that it attracts or repels people. If you are consistent in your actions, you will gather around you a group of specialists who will love working in your company as much as you do. Developers are usually very analytical, quick-thinking people who are extremely sensitive to details and pay attention to many things.

If during the first conversations you show the developer that you really care about his opinion, show him that he will have a real impact on the development of the startup, you will certainly come to an agreement. However, such people are very easy to put off, because they quickly calculate that their presence in the company may not be as crucial as at the beginning.

So the conclusion from this advice is this - do not look at your searches for developers only from your own perspective, create a culture in a company that is attentive, caring and encouraging to creative work.

4. Take part in online events. It really works.

You will find great software developers at all kinds of webinars, online events that often help to solve a problem or increase the competencies of the developer. First of all, it is a great signal for you - the future software developer is looking for development, does not like stagnation. Secondly, he or she is a programmer who does not close himself to his programming methods but socializes with other developers, so he probably has a lot of connections!

5. Tell the truth about their future challenges!

There is nothing worse than a startup founder trying to "sell" his vision of the startup's future to developers. Nobody wants to listen to selling or the potential “super benefits” that were fashionable in 2010. Developers today have a choice, they do not have to work for the first company they find.

Also, if you don't have the resources to get great amenities at first, don't lie and always tell the truth to your face. Such a hustler approach may appeal to your candidate and thus be willing to cooperate with you. He will feel that he has a real influence on the company's development.

6. Look for a small software house.

If your startup currently employs 15 people, it's a great idea to find a technology partner that is similar in size to you. When such a software house also employs a dozen or so software developers, chances are that you will have a similar approach to business - that is, each client is worth its weight in gold. Nobody will take care of your software project as well as a software house for which you will be a key customer.

7. Clearly define your action plan and your priorities!

There are plenty of approaches to the field of creating software development for your startup

The most important thing is to have a wide group of connections as a startuper. Perhaps the best solution for you is to hire one local developer. However, cooperation with a potential software house that would be able to support you in the entire software development process from A to Z can also be an interesting option. All the tips presented in this text come from our experience, we know how software development in the case of startups can be demanding - it is worth leaving it to real professionals.

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Oskar Pawlicki